Tuesday, 8 February 2011


i'm so tired of feeling horrible and fucking things up and being told that i'm on a downwards spiral for drinking a cup of coffee. i just want to move out and live with friends and september couldn't come sooner. this is meant to be the happiest time of my life and love is meant to be this big great thing that makes everything amazing and it was for a while and now it's fucked up my life and i wish i'd never met him. if you don't know what it feels like to be very happy then you will never miss it. i was never unhappy before, but all of a sudden i am now. and i like to joke about selling his clothes on ebay (which i will probably do because i need money) but really i just want someone to come over my house and cook for me and look after me and do my projects for my course because i'm failing and i've never failed anything before and i'm really scared. i don't know what i want any more and i'm meant to be making these big decisions about my life but really i don't have a clue and i probably won't get in to the unis i want to go to and i will end up working in mcdonalds (not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not what i want to do with my life) or taking portraits of jeremy kyle or something really weird like that. maybe that will be nice. someone do my work for me please.


  1. Francesca I love your pictures, I think that you are amazing

  2. as i was reading tis i couldn't believe how much i was relating to it. i feel the very same. i was never sad until he was in my life. i'm so stressed about school and scared of the future. i keep telling myself that it won't always be life this but right now it doesn't feel that way.

  3. Well am 22 it doesn’t look like it (which sucks sometimes) but life has been rough and annoying it gets harder but for some bizarre reason you lean how to handle what ever comes your way, all you have to do is keep thinking your going to be someone and enjoy the ride which is always have the fun. Think positive and stay near people who actually care about you and not those free-loaders, good vive stealer who put you down because they can think the same way you can haters!!!- Trust me you might encounter some- take care and I’ll keep reading ;-D

    oh one last thing never ever look back - cheers!♥

  4. Aw It seems to all just come at you at once, right?
    I'm so sorry to hear about all of this, but what I do when I am freaking out over everything in my life is just try to fix one thing at a time otherwise the world just overwhelmes/ scares me.

    Ayesha x

  5. it's always like this, the bad things all come at once. I'm having the same kinda period of my life right now and I'm hating every second of it. and I know no matter what people say it doesn't feel better at the moment, but it will make you stronger I'm sure, just try to force yourself to do the things you really should do right now (I mean your tasks etc.) perhaps they will even distract you for a while?

    you're very talented, things will go right trust me

  6. It gets better. Soon you'll turn these feelings into something beautiful. He'll be nothing but a piece of time in your life.

  7. Please try to be happy:
    All actions in the passage of time fade to nothing.

  8. I really enjoy the photographs here.


  9. Francesca,

    I felt your pain reading this, you wrote it a few days ago, so I'm sure things have clammed down a little bit, the hardest part is shouting it out loud and you did it with words, it takes a way some of the stress at times and by some I mean usually 15% or so.

    The other 85% is mind control, something I like to share with my readers and friends is that, you are not responsible for anyone else happiness and no one is responsible for your happiness as either. You must do what's best for you and only you.

    I suck at relationships; I want to say sucked but you never know what can happen, I live for right now because right now is what matters. When right now isn't going good we work on smaller things to making it better. Remember that 15% it's a starter. Love can't pay the bills (remember that) but doing what you love can. You're not going to end up working to Mc Donalds love! You have amazing talent, beautiful photographs, beautiful writings, not many people are talented out there; what you don't have is patience, I know that this is true because I've been in your feelings before, it's something I still suffer from, lack of patience.

    You must let be. What is what is what will be, never give up and be strong my friend.

    I hope this brings comfort to your heart knowing that at least one person and 9 others from the commenters care.

    DT. Tha Hustla
    Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida