Wednesday, 30 March 2011

london girls

i met up with lovely jade bigwood from bookings models again the other day. we wandered around her area of london taking photos and eating ice cream. but seriously, why are 99p flake ice cream things called 99flake or whatever they're called? they're not 99p any more and it just gets your hopes up really.

lately i've been going to lots of exhibitions. i recommend seeing dieter roth's reykjavik slides; i went with daniel the other morning and we also saw dorothy cross' stalactite installation. yesterday rachel, anna and i went to the wapping project (both the bankside and the one in wapping). the bankside gallery was displaying photography including the creations of yohji yamamoto. it was a really nice cute gallery with relaxing music and lots of light. the photos were really interesting too. the installation in wapping was possibly one of the most beautiful and thought provoking pieces i've seen in my life. i won't give it away (if you are really curious, google yohji yamamoto making waves) but i will say that it involves a lot of water and a possible boat ride round the piece if you are willing to pay five pounds (i was not).


  1. beautiful beautiful jade and magical magical frenchie

  2. She's gorgous and I love all the photos too. agree about the ice cream! same with penney jellies x

  3. these are such beautiful beautiful pictures!
    and haha i agree with the ice-cream situation!

  4. These are really great!!!

  5. lovely stuff! top 2 are my fave. once i've done with this whole 'degree' thing come to london and take photos with me in the summer, i am definitely a fair weather photographer x