Sunday, 24 April 2011



there are so many unhappy people in swansea and it makes me happy that i'm not as unhappy as they are. is that selfish? it also makes me a bit sad too...

i am so bored of everything, i'm maybe moving to camden in july and then everything will be better.

a lovely irish man found my phone and purse while walking his dog and called up daniel and now i have to go and collect it on tuesday. maybe he is my long lost irish romance. or maybe he is really old.

why does anybody bother reading this blog??


  1. because it's good and we like your pictures hehe :3 xx

  2. it's you frenchie, opened to the world. people like truth.
    install bloglovin' on here for me? i'd really appreciate it ;)

  3. because you're adorable