Saturday, 7 May 2011

lately i like

someone please recommend me some music, i get bored of everything so quickly.


  1. THE STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK! (~woah 60s man~)

    or this really cool girl band from the 90s,BRATMOBILE :)

  2. nice music over there!

    I'd say Pantha du prince

  3. garbage, the strokes, the kooks, radiohead. you've probably heard all thes before.
    and theres a new band called Papa vs pretty which is kinda groovy. and I love "the cold war kids"

  4. these are really good songs! i don't listen to a lot of music so i can't make any really good recommendations :( btw, did you change your tumblr url? i can't seem to find you on tumblr anymore.

  5. you have great taste i post what i like on my blog, if you like Psychedelic rock you could give tame impala a go if you havnt already