Monday, 9 May 2011

life on webcam





last night i took my nose piercing out for good and lately i've started biking to uni which is nice but i was stuck in torrential rain for 5 miles today and my hair is candyfloss. i've always wondered why rain does this but i have no means of emulating it. i'm currently obsessing over tinned tuna and rice-cakes for no apparent reason. baby cravings? i bought some brusho paint on ebay the other day and i've been using it in my sketchbook which has actually motivated me to do some work for my final project. i'm doing an in-depth study on houses, homes and buildings, hopefully finishing with a fashion editorial based around a still life set i have created myself. i bought a nice cream shirt for £1 and a bicycle for £5. i am always on the phone lately. i am potentially moving out in 8 weeks and i have to cram everything i own into one car along with myself, my mum and tom so i am selling my life on ebay.


  1. love your bike! :O and £5 that is bloody cheap! and the colours in your sketchbook look so cool o_0 aw your too amazing frenchie!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, the Vengaboys :3

  3. you have disapeared from tumblr and twitter and i noticed the second you had gone! what happened?? plus you still have to link me to your ebay ;)

  4. your hair is just the best thing. you look like a mermaid. also, i saw vengaboys a couple of months ago. dream come true.