Thursday, 7 July 2011

i thought i would like moving away but i am leaving a lot behind and i am a massive baby who can't cook or cope with life, why am i not 12 again?

ps i get photos back on the weekend


  1. I'm a massive baby too. but i'm quite certain that if you just throw yourself into cooking with reckless abandon, it will love you back. some goes for life really.
    what uni are you studying at / what are you studying? please don't say photography; if you get any better, mere mortals like myself won't have a chance haha

  2. haha i'm studying photography at london college of communication :) but i'm moving out on wednesday to work at a clothes shop on oxford street in the summer. i'm a good good at certain things - i make excellent sushi and meringues and stirfry but those are about my limits....