Thursday, 31 March 2011


jade bigwood @ bookings models

buy prints from me so i can get train tickets and do more photos!

i'm pretty happy right now!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

london girls

i met up with lovely jade bigwood from bookings models again the other day. we wandered around her area of london taking photos and eating ice cream. but seriously, why are 99p flake ice cream things called 99flake or whatever they're called? they're not 99p any more and it just gets your hopes up really.

lately i've been going to lots of exhibitions. i recommend seeing dieter roth's reykjavik slides; i went with daniel the other morning and we also saw dorothy cross' stalactite installation. yesterday rachel, anna and i went to the wapping project (both the bankside and the one in wapping). the bankside gallery was displaying photography including the creations of yohji yamamoto. it was a really nice cute gallery with relaxing music and lots of light. the photos were really interesting too. the installation in wapping was possibly one of the most beautiful and thought provoking pieces i've seen in my life. i won't give it away (if you are really curious, google yohji yamamoto making waves) but i will say that it involves a lot of water and a possible boat ride round the piece if you are willing to pay five pounds (i was not).

f a s h i o n y s t u f f

Yulia Musieichuk @ Models1 and Ursula Kim @ FM Agency.
styling by Chloe Mak.
hair/make-up by Jenni Defalco.
behind the scenes/assisting by Katie Eleanor.

feels nice to be doing something im proud of again.

Saturday, 26 March 2011


BeHiNd ThE sCeNeS











Yulia Musieichuk @ Models1 and Ursula Kim @ FM Agency.
styling by Chloe Mak.
hair/make-up by Jenni Defalco.
behind the scenes/assisting by Katie Eleanor.

Friday, 25 March 2011


finally did a new shoot! these were just a few shots i took to warm the girls up, the rest of the shoot will be coming next week.

Yulia Musieichuk @ Models1 and Ursula Kim @ FM Agency.
styling by Chloe Mak.
hair/make-up by Jenni Defalco.
behind the scenes/assisting by Katie Eleanor.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

~* springy *~



spent all of today being hungover and sleeping on my roof. i want it to be sunny and nice every day. this week will be a good week. i’m going to oh comely magazine’s issue five party on wednesday and i’m hopefully doing a big shoot on friday afternoon with lots of models and a makeup artist and a stylist and fake flowers and i have an interview at my top uni choice next tuesday morning. i have six rolls of film to get done but no money. i think i get paid next week so i think i'm gonna buy a ticket to bestival and nice presents for everyone. i’m so behind on my art foundation and so stressed and tired and really scared i won't get in to lcc. i just want to sleep for a very long time. i can’t wait til easter. my sister keeps shouting, maybe she’s hitting puberty...

Friday, 18 March 2011

wish i was taller


flower in hair - primark
mac - sick on brick lane
dress - meadham kirchoff for topshop
necklace - gift
socks - urban outfitters
shoes - sick on brick lane

Monday, 7 March 2011

LuV 2 pArTy

FH000002 (2)

FH000018 (2)












really happy lately. and i'm going to london this weekend to take a lot of photos and see friends and generally have a nice time.

i want to go to lots of new places in the summer, if anybody is up for letting me stay with them i'd pay them in photos!!

when i get 500 followers i'll post nudes.

oh comely magazine

oh comely

i'm being grossly vein about this, but i have a photo in this month's oh comely magazine (issue 5) and i'm so happy!! you can buy it in whsmiths, i think it comes out this weekend!

Sunday, 6 March 2011



Thursday, 3 March 2011


charlotte benson @ elite london

this is really old but i edited it slightly better (i think)
i want to do some studio work, someone lend me a studio or tell my tutor to stop being such a douche and let me use the studios!


jenny @ profile model management

I shot this series in East London and did the styling myself. I'm steadily running out of clothes to style with, so if anybody would be interested in working with me, let me know! Same goes for models/make-up/hair/any other skill you may have.

One of my photos of Anna Denton will be published in this month’s issue of Oh Comely, available from the 12th/13th March in WHSmiths. I'll scan it in and put it on my blog when I get sent my copy. I'm really excited! I should be doing some new photos very soon, I'm happy I'm taking photos again and getting back on track with my college work and general life. Everything is so nice right now. I put ads on my blog to try and generate a little more money; I've only earnt just under three pounds so far but I'm sure I'll be a millionaire in no time!