Sunday, 26 August 2012

frida kahlo






part of my university work this summer. don't really know how i feel about this. 


  1. feel good about this!
    i think it's really awesomeee :)

  2. eh, too much appropriation and overuse/misuse of kahlo's work already, especially for an artist to whom it was so important how SHE represented HER OWN IMAGE and owned it and controlled the gaze on her, especially as a female identified, disabled artist of color. I don't think she would be happy to see how her image is thrown about, especially in a way that is so out of context and just a fashion homage/ dont think it's appropriate for white people to be dressing as kahlo at all and the first two collages definitely don't follow the copyright rules of collage (must chance the image's overall look, context or meaning by at least 80%) but most of your work is really gorgeous and wonderful.

  3. looking at the research i have been working on it makes a little more sense and is placed more in context i think/i couldn't care less about copyright rules of collage when i am just playing around but i agree i hate these photos i think i've failed university and i'm going to be serving cheeseburgers for the rest of my life like i have been doing for the past 6 months

  4. artist of color? madre santa, such bullshit. white people to be dressing as kahlo? santo niño de atocha, who are you?

  5. feel amazing about it! i love it!